Support Ticket Platform FAQ

 Are there changes I need to be aware of prior to October 19?

No. Everything with support tickets remains the same until we cut over to the new platform on October 19.

 Are there changes to the way I access Aeris support with the new system?

No. You can access our support team in the same ways you always have:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Via the portal
 Can I attach a file directly to a support ticket?

Yes. Files can now be attached directly to a ticket.

 Can I reply to email conversations originated on tickets from the old system?

Yes. When you reply to an email of this kind our system will automatically merge it into the migrated ticket on the new platform and you'll receive a confirmation email of that action. Subsequent communication regarding that ticket will be done on the new platform.

 How do I get back to the portal from the support ticket platform?

Simply click the Return to portal link in the upper right portion of the screen.

 How do I view my existing tickets?

Existing tickets will be migrated to the new ticketing platform. However, the ticket numbers will change.

We do not have the means to show the old ticket number on the page containing your list of tickets. However, when you click on a ticket to review its details the old ticket number will be included.

 I was cc:'d on some tickets in the old system. Can I view them in the new system?

Yes, tickets on which you were cc:'d will appear in your list of tickets. If you discover a case where that's not true please contact your support team to be added via the new systems cc: feature.

 In the Product drop down, why do I see options that weren't there previously?

On the previous ticketing platform the products displayed in the drop down were tied to your account's existing services. The drop down now shows all Aeris service offerings.

 When I create a support ticket from the Devices tab will the device's information be automatically populated on the ticket?

Yes. The device's information will be populated on the ticket automatically.

 Where are "comments" in tickets from the old system found in the new system?

Comments on existing tickets were not migrated to the customer view in the new system (the Aeris support team DOES have access to the comments). All comments posted to tickets in the new system will be visible.